BAIFOTEKA was founded in 1998. Since then the company has taken a huge shift towards creating future-oriented, latest methodologies-based IT solutions which can facilitate extremely complicated tasks. It is not enough for us to use what has already been invented – we constantly dig deep into relevant fields and search for new ways to shape the IT solutions. We combine them, foresee the outcomes and carefully plan customized IT strategies.

Each of our projects is carefully tailored according to our customer needs. They include a number of differently applied modern techniques, such as genetic algorithms or cloud computing. Our products have been applied to a wide range of different fields, including (but not limited to) healthcare, manufacture, transportation, construction, and education.

BAIFOTEKA is a regular participant in various IT events, including CeBIT, one of the biggest IT exhibition in the world. We seek and invite partnership with ambitious and innovative organizations which are ready to take responsibility for creating something bigger and better than it was yesterday. That is our goal, too.