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Soft Systems // Concurrent Engineering // Decision-Making Support

Main Competences

We create no less than sustainable value.

Systematical Approach
Instead of focusing on a single feature, we develop a holistic interactivity balance.
Genetic Algorithms & Other Modern Techniques
Enable the systems to constantly search for the best possible result.
Integration Tasks
Solve complex system to system or human to machine integration tasks.
Consulting & Strategy Planning
Help set goals and create a plan for solutions implementation in our clients' environment.
Tailor our solutions to exceptionally specific needs of our clients.
Take care of and support not only ours but also solutions of other brands.

Hours of Work

Dedication is at heart of our company’s values. Patience and passion become embodied in customers’ satisfaction and the value that they gain. So do we.


Years Of Experience

Hard times, good times – we remain strong. While others around us fall, we take every hardship as an opportunity to learn. Two decades of experience speak for themselves.


Current End-Users

Thousands of happy end-users who currently are using our products is our best success measurement. They take our tools and use them to realize their own ideas. That is called mutual growth.

Why Choose Us

We believe in your potential. We believe in it because it has been developed by people who dare to think out-of-the-box. Thinkers, doers, innovators. We are exactly the same.

That is why we are here – to support the ideas that your company has. From carefully tailored software solutions to concurrent engineering we are ready to provide your business with the cutting-edge IT solutions.

We have developed a unique perspective towards IT projects. By constantly exploring the approaching tendencies and digging deep into the most innovative methodologies, we seek to bring you what still sounds like tomorrow to your competitors.

For this is the future that we help you create.


Fields of Our expertise

Several examples of where our customers work.

Industry & Manufacture






Bring your business forefront today

Choosing the right partners is one of the key aspects for successful business. A wrong choice may result in decreased sales, wasted resources, and a longterm customer loss.

Therefore, our customers’ trust is of exceptional importance to us. We strive not merely to fulfill, but to exceed their expectations. Of this thing you can be sure – that your company has a reliable ally in us.

Do not wait until someone else takes a step ahead of you. We invite you to dare to take a look into future and bring it closer – today. You have the ideas, we have the right tools. Let the progress happen.


Let us know how we could provide you with YOUR solution.

UAB Baifoteka, Laisves al. 101 Kaunas 44291 LITHUANIA
+370 37 424285

About Company

We are innovative thinkers who specialize in software solutions for business operations. During the 20 years of experience, we have developed a unique perspective towards IT projects. We constantly stretch our limits to find the cutting-edge methodologies to increase quality and help our customers stay ahead of their competitors. Our work range includes but is not limited to learning, healthcare, transport, manufacturing, and construction fields. 

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Laisves al. 101 Kaunas 44291, Lithuania
+370 37 424285
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